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301 E Main St
Urbana, IL 61802


M-F 8am to 5:30pm
Sat 8am to 12pm

We carry all major brands of motor oil in conventional weights. We also carry synthetic blends, full synthetics and high mileage oils.

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Illini Oil Change

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Our Oil Changes Include

Check Oil Level (Prior to Service)
Change Motor Oil 
Change oil filter
Fill windshield washer fluid level
Check transmission fluid
Check air filter and breather
Check cabin Air filter (if applicable)
Check air pressure in tires

Lube Chassis (if applicable)
Check differential lubricant
Check brake fluid level
Check power steering pump fluid
Check radiator coolant level
Check oil level after service
Check wiper blades

Repair Services

Tune Ups Starters
Tire Rotation Belts and Hoses
Battery Service Radiators
New Tires Tire Balancing
Brakes Lights and Bulbs
Drive Axles Steering Parts
Alternators Radiator Flushes
Fuel Pumps Transmission Flushs
Exhaust Systems Shocks and Struts
Fuel Injector Service  

We Offer Many Services that are not Listed Above


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